Project Visual has the capability of reproducing any letter, style, logo, or shape in virtually any material, size or thickness. Utilizing our state of the art laser, water-jet, router or EDM cutting technology, our production team can bring your project to perfection. In each case, the artwork is meticulously translated through our CADD/CAM (Computer Aided Design and Drafting/Computer Aided Manufacturing) system to match the exact intent of your design. Some of the materials that we work with include aluminum, stainless steel, brass, bronze, acrylic, Sintra / PVC, polycarbonate, glass, stone, marble, granite, concrete, tile, wood, MDO, and MDF. Finishes include: polishing, brushing, sandblasting, powder-coating, acid-etching, chrome plating, prismatic-beading and others. Materials and finishes can be combined in a layered assembly or a configuration of your choice based upon the specifications of the design.